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 Artificial Internet of Things (IoT) promises to change the world by connecting devices in larger, more interoperable systems controlled by software and analytics. The objective of this COE is to enable students to understand, learn, and research on the upcoming technologies in the field of IoT. As well as, this lab will help academia to collaborate with Industries and projects.


IoT CoE will help to address the following Challenges

IoT Fundamentals: - This COE is designed as a resource for educators in college to teach students about the IoT’s architecture, technologies, and ecosystems. The COE also integrates hands-on industry-relevant experiences and real-world applications in IoT design and testing.

IoT Systems Design: - The COE is designed to equip students with the knowledge on how to design and develop an embedded system with IoT capabilities.

A list of a few workflow layouts of COE will include the below details.

  • Introduction to the IoT Development Kit

  • Interfacing to IoT Devices

  • Digital Communication Protocols for IoT

  • Wireless Sensor Networks for Io

IoT Wireless Communications: - This CoE is designed to equip students with the knowledge on how to develop typical IoT applications with various types of wireless connectivity. Students will also learn how to perform quick verification and design validation on these IoT applications, with training kit (development kit, sensor devices, XBee ZigBee® 


IoT Sensors and Power Management: The COE is designed to equip students with the knowledge on how to characterize the power consumption of IoT devices onboard controllers, sensors, and wireless modules. Students will understand the principles of power management.

  • Characterizing IoT sensor board (device) static and dynamic power consumption

  • Evaluating the impact of dynamic current drain and solar energy harvesting on IoT battery life

  • Optimizing power consumption and efficiency using dynamic power management in a sensor network 



IoT Design Challenges

You're designing the next big Thing. But before you can take it to market, you'll need to overcome six critical design challenges.



Wireless Module Selection

Enabling wireless communication is easy when you pick the right module. 


RF Design and Debug

Device not working? Analyzing the frequency domain can pinpoint issues you can't see in the time domain.

Maximizing Machine-to-Machine Battery Life

Make sure your device can go the distance. These best practices make sure you preserve battery life by design

EMI and EMC Pre-certification

EMI testing is expensive. Learn how to set up pre-testing at your lab to ensure compliance the first time.

Speeding Through Wireless Standards

From Bluetooth to WLAN, make sure your product meets the latest wireless standards. Learn how to ensure your product makes the cut.

Interference of Things

Ensure your device's signal can be seen amongst a thousand others with the right pre-work and tools.

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