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Internet of Things – IoT

You're building the Internet of Things. Together, we can build it better.

Internet of Things (IoT) promises to change the world by connecting devices in larger, more interoperable systems controlled by software and analytics. Are you creating devices that need to talk with other machines? Do you need to ensure that they are meeting the countless standards and protocols of the Internet of Things?

With our complete solutions from Simulation to prototype complete solution development tools, we will guide and help you all the way from the blossoming of an idea as you navigate wireless standards and face the headache of module selection, to making sure your product meets the latest standards and passes compliance certification the first time.

Together we’ll ensure your device's signal can be seen amongst a thousand others.
You have ideas, we have tools and together we can create better Things!

IoT Educational & Research Platform 

  • Understanding of basic skills needed to implement IoT concept

  • Hardware Interfacing for IoT Development Platform

  • Analyzing & Decoding of Communication Protocol Used in IoT Development Platform

  • Operating Systems Used For IoT Development Platform

  • Programming Languages used in IoT Development Platform

  • Cloud Services used in IOT Development Platform

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